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You can then select more identifying characteristics to narrow your search if neccessary.Any result items can be clicked to automatically search our archive for a photo of the instrument in question.Manufacturers and brand names you may find on older copies of the 4001 include: Ibanez, Univox, Aria, Bradley, Electra, CMI, Giannini, Greco Guitar, Hondo, Hoya, M Sigma, Mann, Jolana, Penco, Seville and a few others.Some of the copies look much closer to the real 4001 than others. There are manufacturers that have made bass guitar copies and some that still make bass guitars that do not intend to be exact copies but still infringe on the 4000 body style.row by row and layer by layer, the computer controlled coil winder was given a random sequence, just as someone would imperfectly wind a pickup by hand. It could be made with one big magnet, or 8 or 12 little ones, but this configuration seems to have worked quite nicely since the 1960's.But because it's computer controlled, this same "scatter" pattern is used for every pickup, so they are identical to each other. Comment: The Ric humbuckers don't lack brightness, they just don't have the scooped out mids that give the ES guitars that woody/hollow kind of sound.

You will then be given a list of all possible models.

They are perfectly imperfect, giving us the best of both worlds. Unlike humbuckers, for example, this type of unit has a very wide bandwidth . Since I have a 345, getting that sound out of the Ric isn't a priority, but I believe Seymour Duncan may be able to rewind the Ric buckers or possibly come up with something that wouldn't require routing the guitar.

I've seen a few Rics routed out for PAFs - very sad site right up there with putting a Floyd Rose on a Tele - IMHO.

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Rickenbacker serial numbers have been issued in a number of formats.