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These were actually WORSE than just saying "hey." Apparently nothing gets people out of the mood for love more than the term "cargo jorts." Of the top five most commonly selected lines (users were given three options per match), only two of those lines were high-performing. Notopoulos writes about tech and internet culture is cohost of the Internet Explorer podcast.

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Ming Dao hosted King of Adventure (冒險王) on SETTV from 2002, visiting India, Korea, Egypt, Germany, Namibia, New Zealand, Laos, Guam, Fiji, Alaska, Mexico, Oman, and Indonesia as an adventure tour guide.In 2004, Ming Dao won the Best Host in Educational Programme at the 39th Golden Bell Awards.2009 - Let's Dance 2009 - Knock Knock Loving You / Qiao Qiao Ai Shang Ni 2007 - My Best Pals / 183 Club.

Ming Dao was first discovered in 1999 when he took part in television variety show Guess hosted by Jacky Wu on China Television.

Joe Chen Chiao-en is a Taiwanese actress, singer and television host.

Known as the "Queen of Idol Dramas", Chen is known for her roles in The Prince Who Turns into a Frog, Fated to Love You and The Queen of SOP.

At first she thought he was courting her, but alas, that was not the case.

First news broke that JPLH is going to have a movie sequel, which somehow wouldn’t focus on the drama OTP but instead have Ming Dao playing the lead general. Today news outlets have confirmed that Yu Zheng’s next mega-idol historical drama (he’s calling it his follow up to JPLH but this time set in the early Han dynasty as opposed to the Qing dynasty) will be called (王的女人), and will star Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En. Did I get punted into a twilight zone or something, because neither would be my first pick to play Xiang Yu (項羽), who becomes the Hegemon King of Western Chu (西楚霸王), and Emperess Lu (呂后), the first documented Empress in Chinese my first idol TW-drama (though I’ve watched a billion non-idol TW dramas in the 80s and 90s).